Đăng nhập Đăng ký
a trip to a foreign country
a amplifier
a arrive at a compromise
a baby was brought into the world
a backward child
a bad coughing bout
a bad loser gambler
a bad quarter of an hour
a badly deted box
a baleful look
a bamboo spike
a banned book
a bar off_limits to troops
a basin of water
a batch of books from london
a battlefield
a beast's heart
a beautiful sight struck my eyes
a bed spread with a flowered sedge mat
a beige raincoat
a bent bamboo pipe distorited
a bicycle of an old pattern
a big eater
a big pot
a billiard-table
a bird is flying across
a bird's nest
a bit of fluff
a biting cold
a bitter pill
a black brown jacket
a blank form
a blanket of snow
a blazing lie
a blind wall
a bloody repression
a blot on one's escutcheon
a blue straw hat
a boat overbrimmed with fish
a boilling_hot day
a bonny lass
a book of prayer
a bookcase stands in one corner
a border post
a bottle of paste
a bow-shaped range of mountains
a boy without much grey_matter
a branch of the statistic board
a breach of decorum
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