Đăng nhập Đăng ký
i allow that i am wrong
i am a stranger in these parts
i am booked
i am doubtful what i ought to do
i am going back
i am legend
i am melting with heat
i am not a bit tired
i am of his mind
i am sorry to hear it
i am sure this team prevails over that one
i beam
i believe him to be sincere
i call it small of him to remind me of
i can do with another glass
i can spare you 10 d
i can vouch for his honesty
i can't compass such complex problems
i can't find time to read
i can't resist good coffee
i can't undertake to do that
i cannot get at his meaning
i cannot take less
i clean forget about it
i could do it with a stroke of the pen
i could not help laughing
i deliver this as my act and deed
i did not see a single person
i do not know his name
i don't care
i don't care a continental
i don't care a rap
i don't care who you are
i don't know any further besides
i don't know the trick of it
i don't read that rag
i don't want to go back alone
i dreamt of it o'nights
i feel good
i felt sort of tired
i found him much altered
i greatly appreciate your kindness
i had scarcely arrived when i was told was told to go back
i have a good mind to visit him
i have a surprise for you
i have been his friend ever since
i have finished speaking
i have just seen him
i have never met him
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